Chris Harrison

Metal and Mixed Media Sculpture

I enjoy sculpting with found objects, forming them into new geometries and creating complex three-dimensional textures out of elementary parts. Below are some of my projects.

Orbits I
Repurposed hacksaw blades.

Orbits II
Repurposed hacksaw blades.

Tangle II
Sand-blasted aluminum set in wood base.

Tangle III
Sand-blasted aluminum set in wood base.

Welded square stock and sheet metal; spray paint.

Soldiers I
Repurposed screwdrivers; sandblasted wood handles and refinished.

Manifold Family Reunion
Repurposed domestic gas manifolds; acrylic paint.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work I
Miscellaneous repurposed hand tools; sandblasted wood handles and refinished.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work II
Repurposed wrenches.

Repurposed hacksaw blades of various vintages.

Driftwood and repurposed wrenches.

Dried roots and wrenches.

We come in peace
Repurposed pliers on railroad tie plate.

Interwoven hand saws.

Hold Tight
Repurposed bolts; acrylic paint accents.

Thought Bubble
Painted wood assemblage (collaborative construction).

Wind I

Wind II

Tessellations III
Matte white powder-coated steel.

Tessellations IV
Wooden dowels.

Repurposed cameras of various vintages.

Steel tube stock.

Hold Tight
Repurposed bolts.

Driftwood and steel.

Color Wheel
Repurposed screwdrivers with translucent handles.

You looking at me?
Miscellaneous found objects.

Tessellations I

Tessellations II

Battery Ball

Tip Tap Waveforms